Restaurants reopening may cause some consumer concern. You may be wondering, what can restaurants do to reassure them that dining in will be safe? As dining in starts to reopen across America, restaurants can expect customers to proceed with more caution. Restaurants can bring some certainty back to the dining process by setting clear expectations to help diners navigate the “new restaurant normal.” The more cautious consumers will evaluate the safety of each situation and will need more coaxing, but will also represent the biggest opportunity for growth.

Thorough and frequent cleaning will be a must once your restaurant reopens, from common areas, to surfaces, to disposable menus. This will help to alleviate consumer concern. Assurance of healthy staff and steps being taken to social distance are also needed for restaurants reopening. Extra assurances like double-washed dishes, wrapped utensils, and covered drinks can set your restaurant apart from your competition. Restaurants that go above and beyond, may be more attractive to diners as they ease back into “normal” eating habits.

In this report, you’ll find data and insights around consumer perceptions and apprehensions that you can address when reopening your restaurant. Key takeaways from this report are as follows:

  • 70% of consumers feel that restaurants should wait till after May 1st to reopen
  • 45% can’t find what they are looking for at the grocery store
  • 39% might consider dining in right away
  • 74% say that the biggest factor preventing them from dining in is health and safety
  • 51% of consumers will want a full-length dine-in experience with safety measures in place
  • 86% say they will maintain distance from other diners once restaurants reopen

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