You can continue to make revenue beyond takeout & delivery services by providing essential items to your consumers. With the COVID-19 outbreak causing operators across the country to cease dine-in services, we are providing these materials to help restaurants transform their dining areas into a Corner Store. The goal is to create a place where customers can shop for essential pantry items. Below are several support tools to help guide you on how you can earn revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery.

1. Corner Store Checklist

Before you start transforming your space into a corner store, here are several steps you should take.

2. Go-To Market Best Practices

Once you’re ready to launch your corner store, you will want to have a marketing plan in place to promote your services and offerings. Here are several ways you can get the word out about your new corner store.

3. Social Distancing Guide

You’ll want people to feel safe in your corner store. It’s important to stick to CDC social distancing guidelines. Here are several tips on how you can create a safe environment for customers and your staff.

4. Planograms

These planograms were developed by our team at SAS Retail Services to assist with the most effective and profitable ways to arrange and stock your Corner Store. The product selections are those that are in high demand and are typically out of stock at traditional retailers. Customize your Corner Store, based on these recommendations and your inventory overflow, and start earning revenue right away!