Now, more than ever, a truly touchless customer experience is needed for the restaurant industry. There is a need to reduce contact between servers and guests. This is a key component in the effort to rebuild public confidence in dining out and the return of the full-service restaurant industry. 

While most people are familiar with contactless payments, like Apple Pay and Google Pay, these are not the only way for restaurant operators to present customers with a touchless payment experience.  By extending the POS to the table, it’s possible for nearly any restaurant to adapt their payment experience so that there’s no need for customers or employees to handle credit cards.

With contactless payment quickly becoming the norm, many consumers will expect restaurants to offer these types of safety measures.* With restrictions on serving consumers on premise being lifted, there are new expectations for a safe and healthy dining experience. Providing a touchless customer experience will give your patrons a high level of comfort. Implement a touch-free strategy with touchless menus, cashless payment and online ordering.  *Source: Datassential

MyMenusOnline and Touchless Menu technology are two softwares that provide a touchless menu and payment experience for restaurant guests. Both systems eliminate the need for disposable and reusable menus, supporting social distancing guidelines and helping reduce multi-touch items that can spread COVID-19 and other germs.

We’ve also put together a helpful infographic to help your restaurant get started with touchless customer experience payment options for your guests!

Download the PDF version of our infographic by clicking the button below.