As your operation starts to reopen, managing reduced labor, ensuring the health, safety, and satisfaction of your patrons can be challenging. A dynamic way to free-up your staff for vital tasks, while reducing the risks of shortages, is through speed scratch recipes. Speed scratch items help to shorten prep-time by using versatile pre-prepared and value-added items, along with other ingredients in your pantry.

As you look to be more efficient and profitable with fewer resources, now is the time to explore the benefits of speed scratch recipes for your operation. Our culinary team has developed several on-trend and easy-to-prepare recipes that can be seamlessly added to your menu.

Waypoint Corporate Chef Marisa Vieira has also created an informative two-minute video with helpful speed scratch tips and solutions.

The Waypoint team is also available to you via video-conference or a phone call. Together, we can help you find speed scratch solutions that will help your business thrive! Reach out to us for menu inspiration, assistance with making seasonal menu changes, data and industry insights, or to speak directly with one of our SERVSAFE certified Corporate Chefs.   

Download the speed scratch recipes below by clicking the button.