Offer Reimagined Holiday & Party To-Go Catered Solutions For Your Patrons.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people celebrate major events and holidays. Many will be preparing for a party to-go this year. COVID has forced many restaurants and catering companies to pivot and ignite new life into their services with innovative solutions for 2020 and beyond. Many restaurants are discovering new demographics to serve, new revenue streams, and new ways to provide solutions for their current and prospective patrons. Consumers are looking for these creative ideas to help their families celebrate together, and apart, as everyone learns to navigate holidays and celebrations reimagined.

We are committed to supporting you now and during the holidays, and fall festivities, as we continue to navigate the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. As your one-call resource to leading brands, we want to serve as a source to help you provide delicious on-trend menu solutions and creative ideas for your patrons to ring in the holidays with cheer.

We created our Seasonal Selections Party-To-Go Operator Tools as a guide to aid you as you navigate this reimagined season of holidays and celebrations. Click the button below to find individual guides with tips, recipe inspiration, and tools for your operation such as menu and flyer templates, order form templates, and packaging solutions. In addition, we have put together a guide for you to provide your patrons with tips on how to host their special occasions safely and successfully.

Let us help you create safe and festive catered holiday parties-to-go for your patrons!