According to Pew Research Center, roughly a third of Americans (32%) say they have had a virtual party or social gathering with friends or family during COVID. With warmer weather on the horizon, many families will want to finally come together in-person to celebrate. It’s the perfect time to help your patrons celebrate safely as a family and appreciate one another. Here are several ways you can create unique and delicious experiences for your patrons so that they can enjoy family celebrations.

Plan Your Party Menu

When planning a menu for family gatherings and celebrations, focus on calling out ingredients that are in-season, locally sourced, free- from or promoting dishes with exotic flavor profiles, vegetarian options and plant-based alternatives. This way, you’ll have a wide array of delicious options for the whole family to enjoy, regardless of dietary restrictions. Market and offer enticing discounts on celebration orders of 10 or more and cocktails. At Waypoint, we are experts at helping you create a menu that will impress, delight and leave a wonderful lasting impression of any special occasion. Reach out to us for guidance and tips today.

Market Your Takeout & Catered Options

Whether it’s inside or outside, the key to a fantastic family celebration is good food. Make sure your takeout menu includes a variety of delicious options that can be transported safely and easily. Try to incorporate a creative selection of appetizers, mains, and desserts to your catering menu, that would work for any special occasion. 63% of consumers agree that it is more convenient to get delivery than dining out with a family. For larger scale orders you may want to offer buffet style options. Consider adding online ordering for ease of use and include a space for patrons to tell you about their special event.

Create An Experience With Packaging

When taking orders for family celebrations, include personal touches such as customized stickers or napkins with special dates, initials, names or your restaurants logo. This will help make the event extra special and build brand loyalty. For outdoor events offer coverings that will prevent insects or include a plexiglass food shield with large catered event orders to help patrons feel safe. Reach out to your Waypoint sales representative for help. We partner with Stouse and other leading manufacturers to provide you with packaging solutions, plexiglass shields, and customizable details for your operation.

Offer DIY Meal Kits

Depending on the type of celebration, it may be a good idea to offer DIY meal kits. A meal kit can provide a delicious meal for the whole family and a fun shared cooking experience. When offering meal kits, make sure to include all the ingredients and recipe/heating instructions. These kits allow families to enjoy your signature dishes in the comfort of their own home and create fond memories together. For children looking to treat mom and dad, a meal kit makes it easy for them to become a gourmet chef and cook for the family.

Signature Cocktails & Mocktails To-Go

Themed or customized cocktails and mocktails make any party feel special! When guests are looking to order for a large family celebration, offer to create two signature cocktail and mocktail options to be served in to-go containers. This is a wonderful option to make the party feel unique and get guests excited. Make sure that your following guidelines for takeout and catering sales, as permitted by law in some states and cities. Rely on seasonal ingredients in your cocktails and mocktails to make them fresh and delicious.

Make Safety A Priority

As consumers look to restaurants to provide them menu options for special occasions, they will still be seeking safe ways to order, receive and pay for their takeout/catered meals successfully. Offer online ordering, curbside pickup and touchless payment options. Touch-free technology prioritizes guest safety, faster checkouts and increased customer satisfaction. If you haven’t already, implement touch-free solutions to thrive now and into the future.

Post On Social Media

To encourage and promote your catering options or celebration menu, post on Facebook and Instagram Stories. Share images of the dishes that are included in your menu and list any seasonal ingredients. Ask followers to share your posts across their social media channels and comment for a chance to win free delivery, a gift card or ½ off their next order at your restaurant.

Access More Free Tools & Resources

Refresh your menu with innovative solutions, renew your passion for service, and rebuild trust with your patrons while providing a delightful dining experience. Our commitment to supporting you and your operation remains a top priority. As your one-call resource to leading brands, we want to partner with you as you prepare for continued growth throughout Spring and Summer.

We have created our Seasonal Selections Operator Tools collection as a guide to aid you as you plan for upcoming celebrations and events. Follow the link below for recipe inspiration, templates (menu, flyer & catering order forms) and take-out packaging solutions to help your operation thrive. In addition, we have put together guides for you to share with your patrons so they can host their events and special occasions safely and successfully. Click below to get started making 2021 a success!