We provide products to create a safe and clean environment for your students to thrive

College and University Non-Foods Solutions 

We want to help you meet your university’s cleaning and sustainability goals, so we’ve partnered with industries like ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association. We also have our own LEED-certified professionals on staff to help develop sustainability solutions. We offer DFE and Green Seal-certified cleaning products, training on cleaning best practices and advanced procurement platforms, to achieve clean green building environments.

K-12 Non-Foods Solutions

At Waypoint, we know that the health and safety of your students is a top priority, that’s why we offer a wide range of professional-grade items for your school’s cleaning, chemical, and equipment needs, as well as paper and other essential non-food items. Our products are cost-efficient and help your custodians perform their jobs better. Your students will be able to thrive in a clean and welcoming environment.

For all educational facilities our solutions include:

General Cleaning Chemicals

General commercial cleaning chemicals ideal for a variety of surfaces like, desktops and countertops, floors, walls, windows, matting, carpets, and appliances. Our leading brands perform better and help ensure a clean and inviting atmosphere for students, faculty and staff.

Floor Care

Floor care is an essential service for campus buildings and classrooms that receive a lot of foot traffic. We create a custom solution based on your floor type and cleaning needs and help you understand the proper cleaning procedure to care for your floors to extend their longevity.


Waste collection products so that trash stays in the bin and is disposed of properly. We provide collection solutions for all types of waste including: liquid waste, solid waste, organic waste, recyclable waste and hazardous waste to ensure proper disposal.

Paper Products

Commercial brand paper solutions for your school and university paper needs such as; tableware, bags, napkins, paper towels, folded towels, hard wound towels, restroom supplies, and more. From traditional brand name favorites to the newest bio degradable and compostable products students, faculty and employees will appreciate the difference quality paper products make.

Material Handling

We provide equipment to move, store and protect materials and goods throughout the process of distribution, consumption and disposal across the entire campus. Our team of experts can ensure that you have the tools you need to transport merchandise, food items, and inventory safely.

Our team is poised and ready to assist you.