We can help you create a cleaner space for healthcare professionals and their patients


We offer a full line of janitorial-sanitation equipment and supplies for the healthcare industry aimed to prevent the spread of infection. With our expertise and professional-grade products, we provide solutions that perform better and ensure your facility meets sanitation guidelines.

Our products and services include:

Personal Protection Equipment

Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as “PPE”, is designed to keep you and your staff comfortable and safe from harmful exposure. Whether you need head, hand or body protection, we’ve got you covered!

General Cleaning Products

General commercial cleaning chemicals for surfaces like, counters and tabletops, floors, walls, windows, matting, carpet, and appliances to ensure a clean and welcoming environment for your staff and guests.

Waste Collection

Waste collection products so that trash stays in the bin and is disposed of properly. We provide collection solutions for all types of waste including: liquid waste, solid waste, organic waste, recyclable waste and hazardous waste to ensure proper disposal.

Floor Care

Floor care is an essential service for every healthcare facility. We create a custom solution based on your floor type and cleaning needs and help you understand the proper cleaning procedure to care for your floors to extend their longevity.

Paper Products

We can provide commercial brand paper products solutions for your business paper needs such as; disposable sheets, single-use and bio-degradable and compostable tableware, bags, napkins and paper towels, restroom supplies, and more.

Our team’s expertise can help you create a safer environment for your patients and residents as well as help protect your staff and make daily tasks more efficient.