Lodging and Hospitality

We help you source leading commercial products for a memorable guest experience  


In the world of hospitality, we know that guests’ expectations are constantly evolving.

Our team of experts can help you meet these standards. Waypoint’s quality products ensure a clean, welcoming environment for your guests. We offer professional-grade products for your cleaning, chemical, and equipment needs.

We can also provide your guests’ favorite brands of soaps and paper products – a little personal touch goes a long way to make them feel right at home. We assist you by sharing data on consumer insights, so that you can form more personalized guest experiences and exceed your customer expectations consistently.

We offer:

Floor Care

Floor care is an essential service for every hotel, motel, resort, airport and conference center. However, the mop and bucket method doesn’t work for every flooring surface. Our team of experts can help create a custom solution based on your floor type and cleaning needs. We can help you find the best products, from leading brands, for your floor covering or finish. We can also help you understand the proper cleaning procedure to care for your floors to extend their longevity.

Waste Collection

A clean and well-maintained ambience depends on keeping waste in its place. We offer several waste collection products so that trash stays in the bin and is disposed of properly. There are several different types of waste: liquid waste, solid waste, organic waste, recyclable waste and hazardous waste. We can provide solutions for your lodging facility, so that waste is separated into these different category types to ensure proper disposal.

General Cleaning Products

We offer many different commercial brand cleaning products that perform better and help ensure a clean and welcoming environment for your staff and guests. We can provide a variety of solutions so that your staff can clean safely and efficiently.


Cleaning agents and substances like liquids, powders, sprays, and granules, can remove dirt, dust, stains, and bad smells to ensure a spotless and pristine atmosphere for your guests. Our commercial brand products typically perform better and help prevent the spread of dirt and contaminants.

Paper Products

Paper solutions for your hotel and lodging property, including; paper menus, branded carry-out bags, napkins, paper towels, restroom supplies, and more. Your guests and employees will appreciate the difference quality paper products make.

Foodservice Disposables

We offer several foodservice disposable products including take-out & delivery packaging, single-use and environmentally friendly disposable tableware, and more. Our commercial brand products are made from various types of raw materials such as; plastic, paper, aluminum and eco-friendly recyclable resources.


Looking to impress guests with an inviting table setting? we offer many high-quality commercial brand tabletop options to create a clean, stylish and appealing dining atmosphere for your guests.

Find out how our team can help you exceed guest expectations.