Meet our Culinary Team

Our talented chefs and culinary team create recipes for your success.

Chef Liz Ziegler
Director of Culinary
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Culinary Institute of America
Hyde Park, NY

“I became intrigued with food when I was old enough to make an over-easy egg. I took turns with my siblings making family dinners and I quickly found out what a joy it was to feed people.“

Why I became a chef: I love mastering cooking techniques and playing with unique ingredients. Just when you think everything has been done already with food, there is new innovation that pushes into new boundaries. It intrigues me that it’s ever-changing.

My greatest inspiration: Julia Child was my greatest inspiration. She empowered women to attend culinary school and cook professionally. I am grateful that I got to meet her when I was a young chef, just starting out.

What I like best about my job: I love helping people. Whether it’s helping our salespeople, our clients or our customers, I really enjoy the challenge of finding solutions that mutually help our businesses grow.

Chef Miguel AF Palmieri, CHI, CFE
Corporate Executive Chef
Memphis, Tennessee
BS Degree in Hotel & Culinary Administration, University of Nevada – Las Vegas

“Growing up as a first-generation American, I have been very fortunate to have been able to experience many different cultures beginning at a very young age. Having a father, whose parents moved from Italy to Argentina, and a mother who was born and educated in Sweden, there was never a lack of culinary excitement at our home!”

Why I became a chef: Both my parents had relatives in the hospitality and restaurant industries, and from a very young age, I enjoyed spending time in the hotels and kitchens and hearing all of the wonderful stories they had to tell.  Now as a professional chef, I feel it is the ultimate way to express who I am.

My Greatest Inspiration: Being personally chosen by Steve Wynn to be part of his opening management team for both The Mirage and Treasure Island in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

What I like best about my job: Every day is a new experience! The ability to work with and meet so many wonderful people, travel, spend time in the kitchen and help operators create new and exciting menu concepts. It’s the best of everything!

Chef Marisa Vieira
Corporate Executive Chef
San Diego, California
Grossmont College

“It all changed for me when I discovered Asian cuisine. The artistry of creating a dish with the sweet, salty, spicy and sour combo is truly magical.”

Why I became a chef: I have always been drawn to art and expressing myself creatively. I started experimenting with food at a young age and quickly fell in love with testing new flavor combinations and foods I had never seen or heard of before. Now, I love to share food experiences with those around me and how much the culinary world is constantly developing.

My greatest inspiration: Grant Achatz. The way he manipulates food and creates things you’ve never seen before is incredible. He’s challenging the norms of the culinary world and I’m loving every second of it.

What I like best about my job: I love the collaboration between myself and the rest of the culinary team. Bouncing ideas off each other and always learning and growing together and then sharing those ideas with the rest of our Waypoint team.